Elder and Kids

Elder and Kids

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016


This email is coming in a day late because of "boxing day" (day after Christmas) so the internet cafes were all closed. Which lead to us just chilling in the apartment because we had nothing to do. It was nice to lay around for once. Nice stress relief! :)

With the Christmas and New year season it leads to being really busy. On Tuesday last week we had our "MLC report". Elder Tugume and I were up first and talked with the missionaries about a current zone problem. The Sister training leaders gave a sweet report on "Commitments". Though I heard it from the Assistants at MLC the week prior I even learned new things from the sister missionaries. At the end of our lessons usually but could be anytime during the lesson we extend to them a commitment. Such as if we are teaching about temples, we will extend to them the commitment to go and visit the temple. Commitments are very very important so we were identifying were we can improve as missionaries with commitments.

Wednesday we were up bright and early for our Christmas zone conference in Cape Coast. Elder Tugume and I hired nice tro tros (A/C pretty much) for the day to take us there and bring us back. Our meeting time was 7 am! Usually missionaries will roll around 30 minutes to an hour late but they were actually all on time. The conference started at 10:30 and we were there an hour early. I text the Assistants on the way to let them know we will be pretty early :P I loved Christmas zone conference! President Stevenson talked with us about our Temple covenants to remind us of some things since we do not go for 2 years. After we had some fufu :) To end the conference we watched the OLD " Christmas Carol" with some Ice cream and brownies to top it all off. We arrived back in Takoradi at 7pm or so. 

Thursday and Friday was our focus to finish the preparations for Esther and Praise to be baptized. On Friday evening Elder Zohner did the interviews for them to be baptized. Earlier on Friday we had the chance to be in the Family History center with Frieda to help her start family history. One of the Bishops in another ward is in charge of family history and he was kind enough to come and help. Sadly it was in the A/C and mixed with my exhaustion level I fell asleep for sometime #missionprobs. Friday night the stake held there " Carols Night". The stake choir did some song performances and some others in the stake. Esther #1(one of our investigators) and her husband came and that was a surprise because we have not seen her in 2 weeks.

Saturday was a really low production day! I did not even remember what we did up until our baptism at 5pm. We combined with the Tanokrom sisters because they forgot to fill the baptism font at their chapel haha. It was a sweet time, I was able to baptize Esther #2. It is always a sweet experience to be able to baptize. The rest of the evening we went out to eat at a nice place with the sisters to celebrate the Christmas eve. Of course Sunday I was able to talk with my family! We talked for some time but at the end I wanted to call back because I felt like I did not even talk with them. 

Christmas call home - 2016

All in all a good week and so far this one is going great too! I love you all and wish you a late Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!! 2017 the magic year :)

Thought of the week!

16 And also, ye yourselves will succor those that stand inneed of your succor; ye will administer of your substanceunto him that standeth in need; and ye will not suffer thatthe beggar putteth up his petition to you in vain, and turnhim out to perish.

17 Perhaps thou shalt say: The man has brought upon himself his misery; therefore I will stay my hand, and will not give unto him of my food, nor impart unto him of my substance that he may not suffer, for his punishments are just—

18 But I say unto you, O man, whosoever doeth this the same hath great cause to repent; and except he repenteth of that which he hath done he perisheth forever, and hath no interest in the kingdom of God.

19 For behold, are we not all beggars? Do we not all depend upon the same Being, even God, for all the substance which we have, for both food and raiment, and for gold, and for silver, and for all the riches which we have of every kind?

26 And now, for the sake of these things which I have spoken unto you that is, for the sake of retaining are mission of your sins from day to day, that ye may walk guiltless before God—I would that ye should impart of your substance to the poor, every man according to that which he hath, such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and administering to their relief, both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Maybe I Should Write Less

Hello all!!!!

Crazy now that we are less then a week away from Christmas. Members have been saying " Takoradi is the best place during Christmas" but so far Assin Foso where I was last year takes the prize. the Christmas spirit is not around here right now. Even the Christmas decorations in our apartment is better... 1 wooden Santa and penguin that Elder Zohner and I colored and taped up on the wall. I am excited for this week because we have some nice things going on during the week.

Elder Johnson and Elder Dike (DK)
On Tuesday we had our combined district meeting. Elder Tugume gave a great instruction from our mission hymn (#324) Rise Up, Servants of God. Or zone members are having problems with some small things one of which is being to meetings on time. They are all mostly late by 30 minutes. Really sweet instruction though. After traveled to Agona Nkwanta to help and issue happening there, we got there, and they told us the case was dismissed. So traveled 40 minutes there and over an hour back because the driver was slow.

When you wake each day at 5am to go to the gym...

On Wednesday Elder Tugume, myself, Sister Nagawa, and Sister Smart headed to Cape Coast for the Mission Leadership Council. There are not many occasions we have to wear long sleeve shirts but meeting with President is surely one of them. You have to pretty much not touch your shirt anywhere on the tro because sweat and dirt do not mix. It was a nice meeting. My favorite instruction was from the Assistants about extending commitments to our investigators. We discussed the commitments that we extend that people usually struggle with and how we can help them and also what we are doing wrong that we can improve on. We got home at 7pm and went to the church for mid week.

Thursday nothing interesting really happened other then weekly planning. Weekly planning is nice for the most part but you really have to be in the right mood and frame of mind to sit in a chair for 2 hours of studies then a additional 3 for planning. I enjoy taking time to really talk about the people we are seeing and what we need to do to help them. Thursday at 7pm we started an exchange with Elder Tom and Elder Dike (say it like spelling DK).

Friday I was in our area with Elder Dike. He has been on mission for about 2 months so it was sweet to see how great he is doing. 18 years old and is from Nigeria. My favorite part of the day was when we went to see a member. Brother Paul is a sweet guy and is really optimistic even with his situation. We went with Elder Wilhelm and his companion and shared a thought. Can not remember the exact scripture reference but it was in John about the bread of life. I brought a loaf of bread for him and just happened to be a scripture I shared :P

Saturday I do not even remember what happened. We did go to our recent converts house to read in the Book of Mormon with her. I feel bad for the people here that think the book charms you and does weird things. I love reading in the Book of Mormon. People that reject a copy I usually ask the question " Is it bad to learn more about Jesus Christ?".. that usually gets them thinking. We also meet with missionaries in Sekondi to get a report of the ward from them. And ate ate a nice restaurant Elder Taleni and his companion showed us.

Sunday we had church of course. The stake presidency came which was awesome. Elder Tugume, myself, and Elder Brown were up sitting to bless the sacrament. we started on time and there was only 10 people in the seats. Over the next 45 minutes people came in which is a weekly thing. The stake president came up and gave his talk, started out nice, then BANG at the end he gave them love. Do we go to sacrament meeting on time? Do we prepare ourselves spiritually to partake of the sacrament? After the meeting the stake presidency called my companion and I in to talk with them. After we headed to Sekondis church meeting. I was really disappointed in how it was. No energy in that room. People were arguing about doctrines in Elder Quorum which happened even when I was there. Oh my.

Today we had a sweet activity with grilling chicken and sausage. And playing sports. Oh my I have written a lot.... maybe I should write less haha.

Elder Tugume and Johnson - Grill Masters

Zone Activity

Thought of the week: After studying some parables this week I had one that I loved. In Matthew 7 ( I think) about having a solid foundation or a sandy foundation. The only way we can have peace and joy in this life is making Jesus Christ the center of our lives. He can bring lasting happiness even in the midst of trials and sorrow. Do we put the important things first like reading the scriptures, going to church, praying, going home or visiting teaching? Or do we put our own desires first then put Christ second? As we make the right things a priority in our lives then other non important things will float by the way side and we will see how un-necessary those things were.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!  -- Elder Johnson

Monday, December 12, 2016

New Ghanaian President

Hello friends and family!

Another successful week has gone by here in the good old Ghana. It was kind of a crazy week as well due to the elections that happened Wednesday and the million years it took for them to count the votes (found out the President Friday at 5pm). Sad for John Mahama he has been booted out of the Flagstaff house and Nana Addo has been put in. I am thankful elections here are safe for the most part. Nigeria from what I have been told is dangerous. The missionaries in Nigeria during elections stay in for a whole week and can not go out at all. #HappyIaminGhana

Due to the elections transfer day was moved a day early to Tuesday. We had some missionaries stay in our apartment on Monday evening. Then Tuesday started bright and early at 6am and were at the stake center to meet the tro driver at 7 am. We asked missionaries to be to the stake center by 7am and lets say most of them came at 9am. My companion called some sisters in our zone and the one that was going said she still had to pack... oh my. Transfers were successful and I am happy because Elder Simpson (former companion) is now in the same zone once again!! He has white washed into an area and is training (both missionaries are moved from area and 2 new ones come in). Our day was taken by transfers and taking some sister missionaries to the eye doctor.

Wednesday we just went to see a couple members so we can be out of the apartment. Came home then went to bed by 10:30 to start our day on Thursday. We saw Esther #2 later in the afternoon Thursday and invited her to be baptized on Christmas eve. Elder Tugume and I have 3 baptisms on the 24th.. we hope. We went to a members house that evening and she fed us plenty of beans and fried plantain. He does not eat a lot so lately I have been eating for 1.5 people so my weight has gone up a little. But now Elder Zohner, Elder Taleni, and myself have committed to getting to the gym each morning. We paid for a membership this morning so now we really have to do it haha.

Friday was a little slower because a lot of people traveled to the city or village they are registered to vote. We were able to teach Esther #1 about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now to get her to come to church arrrggghh! Elder Tugume has been weak due to a physical thing so we went in early by 6pm on Friday. I took that time to learn more from the scriptures. I feel I can study the scriptures everyday for the rest of my life and still not know everything.

Saturday was good as well. People were marching and celebrating for their new President. One person we taught was Emmanuel. He is one of the people with a baptism date but sadly we did not see him all week until Saturday. I could tell their was something up with him that was not normal. Still do not know what is wrong. There was a doctrine he had a problem with and my how I am thankful for the spirit and my scripture studies. There was a deep doctrine problem a investigator asked in the Gospel Principles class in church. Will not share the question but it just reminds me how un important deep doctrines are. Some doctrines are sweet but their will come a point where questions can not be answered and testimonies will be lost. The gospel is basic and I have learned to focus on the basics while it can be fun to discuss doctrines in the apartment with missionaries.

As well on Sunday Elder Zohner and Elder taleni had a baptism for Ian. Elder Tugume and I started teaching him but referred him to the other Elders because he stayed in their area. I was able to do the interview for him on Saturday. He is a great guy and am looking forward to seeing what happens over the years of his life because of this ONE decision. Elder Zohner bought us all pizza after wards :) (not know with our lose weight get jacked plan we have and WILL stick too)

Thought of the week - “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

Jesus Christ is the one who can bring us peace in this life. Follow Him and no matter how bad things can get you can still have peace in your heart and help from on high!!! :)   Love you all,   Elder Johnson

Monday, December 5, 2016

Spiritually Edified


Well, I am on way earlier then usual due to my companion wanting to email early in the morning. Yes I did pull the "it will be 2 am in America and will probably not have an email from them" card but did not help. We do have some things to accomplish before our transfer day tomorrow so emailing early might be okay.  I will be emailing early like this for awhile so writing an email Sunday night would be good :) (Especially mom and pops over there so I can hear from them)

This past week was really good but looking back was a little long. Elder Tugume and I killed it on hours and lessons. I love the feeling knowing I did what I could instead of being sad knowing I did nothing. On Tuesday it was Sister Smart's birthday (Liberian) and Elder Tugume and I saw she was a little down the week prior. So the idea came to buy her a cake so we talked to Sister Annan who makes good cakes and set it up. Sister Smart and all the Sisters were really happy and excited. #browniepointsforthezoneleaders

Wednesday I finally remembered to send off my Mom's Christmas present so that was good. My favorite lesson on Wednesday was with a guy we are teaching named Emmanuel. May have mentioned him in the past but he is from Nigeria and is here in Ghana playing football (soccer) while being a tailor for extra work. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and out of the many times I have taught the Plan of Salvation on my mission, this time was my favorite. Emmanuel loved when we discussed about Adam/Eve and the Fall. Thursday, Elder Garry, the Assistant, came to be with us on exchange. We originally planned to have it on Friday but that was the trainer meeting day so he came a day earlier. Thursday was a solid day of lessons and contacting. To top it all off, Elder Garry had promised us weeks prior that he would buy us ice cream and Elder Tugumes favorite thing is Ice cream. So he would not let Elder Garry forget. We stopped at a fueling station (driving 30 minutes to get Elder Ameyaw who was with the other zone leaders) went in and Elder Garry bought a big container of ice cream and mini Oreos. The three of us took that container down in 10 minutes. There are nice things in Ghana food wise but really really expensive. 

Selfie - Ghana Style

Thursday evening Elder Hughes, Woyesa, and Rothlisberger came from Tarkwa to stay the night to travel to Cape coast for the training meeting on Friday. Friday morning we left the apartment by 8 am to take them to the station. From there Elder Tugume and I started to proselyte by 9. We met with a lady name Theresa whom the past missionaries and we have taught on and off. She has not come to church yet. When we met with her on Friday we opened the floor for her to ask us questions and my did she have quite a few. The misconceptions people hear and believe about our church is disappointing.... if you have questions go to church and see for yourself. The Tarkwa missionaries came back late so they could not travel back to their areas. Last minute decided all of us to head to the Atlantic hotel for dinner (fancy fancy). On Saturday we had the baptism for Frieda!!!! After the baptism we were invited to a wedding at the stake center for a member. Frieda invited our district (10 missionaries) to come to her room for lunch. At 5pm we went to a baptism for the Tanokrom sisters. After that headed to the Atlantic again with some members of the zone. 

Frieda and her sister Charolette

Sunday was really really awesome. Best testimony meeting I have been in on my mission. Talk about being spiritually edified. After that had a meeting with our ward mission leader and a investigator (Praise) and her date, Stanley. That meeting went south real quick. After we went with our ward mission leader to visit Frieda and had a nice talk. After went to Grace and her husband Francis house to eat dinner. Rice ball, groundnut soup, fish, and cow stomach... yummy. 

The birds that check me out while I am working out in the morning

Lunch at the Atlantic


"As the final part of the creation of the Earth, Adam and Eve, our first parents, were placed in the Garden of Eden. They had been spirit children of Heavenly Father just like us. God commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the Earth. He also commanded them that they should not eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God gave Adam and Eve their agency to choose. They could choose to stay in the Garden of Eden, but because of their innocent condition, would not have children. Or, they could choose to partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and be cast out of the garden and become subject to physical and spiritual death and pain, but also the joy of children and family." (2 NE 2: 22-25)

"Satan did not understand the mind of God and tempted Adam and Eve to partake of the fruit. His motive was to bring death and pain into the world. However, by partaking of the fruit, Adam and Eve made it possible for each of us to come to the Earth and fulfill God’s great Plan of Salvation. Their choice was a blessing to each of us. We reverence Adam and Eve for being willing to make that choice."  Love you all,   Elder Johnson

Monday, November 28, 2016

Walked and Walked and Walked


I hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with family and friends. My day was just a regular proselyting day with no celebration but that is okay because I have the rest of my life to celebrate :P

This last week was pretty good. I will share a few highlights or events that happened this week in the Ghana Cape Coast mission. First off, the work is slowing down a little because many people are not around. I think it might have to due with the elections that will be happening next week. Due to the elections next Wednesday we moved our transfer day to Tuesday. And Wednesday we will not be out all day and maybe not at all if it is not safe.

On Monday we had a great Family home evening with the family of Brother Francis, their last name has escaped my brain. Usually we say Brother or Sister and their first name since thats how they introduce themselves to us. Elder Wilhelm shared a lesson about 1 Nephi 16. As I have been thinking about the events in 1 Nephi there are deeper meanings to the stories there and in the rest of The Book Of Mormon. On Tuesday we had a zone meeting which was long as usual but still really good. Then had our ward correlation meeting with the ward mission leader, the 2nd counselor to the Bishop, and the other set of Elders in the ward. The ward mission leader Vincent was also my first WML in my first area (do not know if I mentioned that).

Wednesday we met with our investigator that will be baptized this Saturday, Frieda. We had the chance to talk about "Temples". It was a great lesson and her husband attended the lesson with us. He is not a member and is a muslim but is coming along step by step. Was a slow day so we did not meet with anyone else but attended the mid week activity at the chapel later that evening. We watched a church video about tithing. Thursday we walked and walked and walked and waaaallked. Hard day mentally for me but I made it through.

Friday was a long but also short day. We had to meet the missionaries training and their companions at the station at 8 am to send them to Cape. Of course most of them were late then the sisters came walking up at 9:30 haha. After that we started proselyting and talking to person after person. My companion was not feeling good that day so we went back to the apartment by 5 so he could rest.

We have been also meeting with the less actives in our ward. They are many but slowly we will start meeting with them to help them. One we are meeting with right now is Sandra. She is a cool person but is stubborn to come to church. She has some things she recently did so she feels shy to come to church. A chapter that we read with her and talked about is Alma 36. I love those verses. No matter what we have done we will always be forgiven. We will feel the pain of it, yes, but it will be taken away because of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. All He asks is that we come to him. I grow each day to love this gospel more and more. I do my best to learn more about the Atonement.

The time is ticking and I still have a lot I want to learn but we will see what the Heavens have in store for me in these last months :) Elder Johnson

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tired of Sitting in Taxis and Tros

Hello friends and family!

There is one main problem I have with writing group emails and that is I never know how to properly start it. #shouldhavepaidattentioninenglishclass

Brother Johnson and Elder Johnson.  (Brother Johnson was baptized by Elder Garth Wright who spent time with Chandler before he went to Ghana and who is now in our ward.

This last week was really busy as usual and I am really tired of sitting in taxis and tros traveling around. FACT: You can not really lean back in the chairs in a tro or taxi because it is dirty and with sweat mixed in your white shirt gets ruined. Tuesday started off really good with a nice breakfast and personal study but then changed when the time turned to 9. The sisters in our zone called us and told us one of them is sick and they need to go to the hospital. So we traveled in a taxi to their apartment to get them then take them to the hospital. After taking them back we arrived 1.5 hour late for district meeting haha. No later then 10 minutes after we got to the church we got another call from one of the district leaders telling us there is a different sister missionary not doing well so back to the hospital. After that was all through we were doing an assignment the stake president gave to us so back into a tro we went. We traveled 20 minutes to some Elder's areas to check some things then after that 30 more minutes to some other Elders. By the time our visits were done it was 6:30pm. To end the night we had a nice meeting with our ward mission leader (taking place of.. actually the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric... powerful convert).  FACT: My first ward mission leader, Vincent Moore, from Sekondi ward is now in my ward here in Takoradi and was just called as the ward mission leader again in this ward haha. 

Wednesday was more traveling. We went to the Mission Leadership counsel in Cape Coast. It was a long meeting but also really nice. We talked about zone activities and technology things.

Thursday Elder Tugume and I had our weekly planning session. It is really nice to have a companionship inventory at the end, talk about our strengths and things that can help each of us improve. We had some hours in the area then at 6 we did an exchange. I went with Elder Fryar to his area and his companion came to be with Elder Tugume.  Elder Fryar and I had a powerful lesson with his recent convert on the Book of Mormon. It was a really spritual lesson and was a good way to end the day. I loved spending time with Elder Fryar on Friday. He gave me some new ideas on things I can do when I read the Book of Mormon. First just have to finish the New testament..! In Galatians now.

Saturday was a busy day as well. We had a baptismal interview to do and also found a couple new investigators. In the evening Elder Tugume and I held a Leader meeting for the district leaders and the sister training leaders. We spoke of things we are concerned about and things happening in the zone. Was a really productive meeting. Sunday Elder Tugume and i went to visit the East Tanokrom ward after our ward. Then had a district choir practice because we have a musical number to sing tomorrow at zone conference.

Sorry if these emails are boring but it is all I got :)

Omni 1:26
And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved.

-- Elder Johnson

ps: Elder Zohner said HI

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Mission Is A Priceless 2 Years of Someone's Life

Hello once again!

This week was pretty busy but not as busy as this coming week is going to be for Elder Tugume and I! We did have a great amount of success this week which I am very happy about. Great weeks fuel you for weeks that do not go over that well.

On Monday we had a Family Home Evening with Brother Francis and his family. He is the Second Counselor in the Bishopric and is a very powerful man. For the Family Home Evening we watched 2 of the latest general conference talks. Elder Jeffery R. Holland's talk in priesthood session and Elder LeGrand Curtis talk. I loved watching the talks over again. After we watched both of them we had a nice discussion about both.

Tuesday we had a combined district meeting (3 districts in the zone) and Elder Tugume and I instructed on how to better work with members. It was weird to instruct a meeting with another person because I am use to doing it myself. But at the same time we teach side by side everyday. After the meeting the Sister missionaries informed me that each new zone leader buys the sister missionaries lunch (taste of sisters here). Elder Tugume said he did so I said ok. Good thing meals here cost $2 or less haha. After we went out to teach and one is named Frieda. We extended a baptismal date to her for November 27th so we hope that she can prepare for that day!

Wednesday was a sweet day as well! Elder Tugume and I were able to teach a new investigator. She is the daughter of one of the recent converts in the ward. And in the evening we met Ian at the stake center to teach him. He can only meet us Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon due to work. Our lesson with him was at 8pm and the stake president joined us for the lesson.

Thursday weekly planning..... bleh. Really hard 3 hours of my life because it is so boring but so necessary to plan for the week. On top of talking about the area we also plan things for the zone. Lets just so so many exchanges coming up..... blehhhhh once again. Thursday evening we went to one of the families in the Chapel hill ward with those Elders as well as the other companionship in our ward. Holy mound of rice.... I know I will never go hungry while serving in this area. Thursday evening started the exchange with Elder Zohner to be with him in the Chapel Hill area.

Friday I was with Elder Zohner in his area. His area is a really sweet place mainly because the smoothie shop he took me too... ever since Friday I have been craving a smoothie again. Later in the day Elder Tugume and I attended the Chapel Hill PEC - sent on an assignment by the stake president. Became aware of some boundary things happening. CHURCH POLICY PEOPLE. *Rant over

The rest of the week went well. Kind of tired of writing things that happened over the week haha. Saturday I was way over fed all day... good thing I workout in the mornings. Then Sunday in the evening same thing. I am grateful for each moment I get to spend out here in Ghana. All that I am learning I can not write now or ever say without talking for a week. 

Mission is a priceless 2 years of someone's life and I am sad for the young men now that are choosing to miss out on this crazy hard but great time of their life. So much that I need to accomplish with the remaining months.


Be worthy
Be ready

-- Elder Johnson

Monday, October 31, 2016

I Was Smart This Time

Words can not express how nice it is to be out of the office and be full time in the sun again. The office was a great time and I enjoyed every moment but onto new adventures! :)

The first part of my week was just preparing to be transferred to a new area.  I was smart this time and started packing my things on Monday night instead of Tuesday night and that helped the stress levels a lot. Monday we had a activity at the stake center and we played dodge ball with wrapped toilet paper rolls and then played capture the flag. Capture the flag was difficult because the church property is on a hill also the sun was blazing that day. It was a good last pday in the Yamoransa Zone! Tuesday we had our combined district meeting and Elder Akudago, who went home, instructed for the last time. Then those who were leaving gave their departing testimonies including myself. Sadly, we did not get out to say goodbye to my friends in Nkanfoa because of office duties. My companions knew I was not happy about not getting out for a while because we had time.. their response was "You did not say you wanted to".... Some would say it is a given but all in the past.

Wednesday morning the Elder in the apartment made a really nice breakfast for transfer day! They made eggs, hashbrowns, french toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Filled my belly for the long day that awaited me. We headed to the station at 10:30 or so and I sat around and waited until we got on the tro around 1. I got into Takoradi at 3:30 or so. Elder Tugume came up, we said hello to each other, and got to work going to the station to hire taxis to take missionaries to their areas. After we walked around for a while and I got to meet some of the members. Elder Tugume and I were also in a 3 some with Elder Wilhelm who is training but did not get his companion until Friday.

Thursday- Sunday were the nicest days I have had in a while. By nicest I mean most exhausted I have been in the last 6 months. Takoradi Ward is a very productive place and I love it. The members are really nice and all speak pretty good english!! That made church yesterday really awesome. Elder Tugume and I are working with some very wonderful investigators. One who's mother owns a chop bar so with my companions love for fufu we have gone there everyday except Sunday for lunch haha. The investigator's name is Praise, really awesome girl. She loves the church and wants to be baptized so bad but right now her mom is not allowing it. The family does not really like us... the mom does but Elder Tugume said it took some time. Even yesterday we tried to teach the younger sister, Alberta, who is 17. That girl... things she was saying when we met with her yesterday was driving me nuts. Another sweet investigator is Ian. We taught him for the first time on Saturday afternoon, he called us Friday and asked to meet with us (that really is rare). Elder Tugume had no idea who it was until we saw him, Ian is the boyfriend of a girl that just left for her mission the day I came into Takoradi. We sat down and he said "I need your help because I have been trying to read the Book Of Mormon and can not understand it that well, but Mina said if I have problems to call the number on the front of the book." We started and taught him the Restoration.

All in all I had a great week. And am very excited to embark on being a zone leader and see the lessons I learn. My new area is what we call "Celestial".

Have a great week!

Elder Johnson

Monday, October 24, 2016

Me? Eat a lot? Hmm...

Hello friends and family!

As my subject line says the time has come! The time for me to be transferred of course :) Though in most ways I am sad to be leaving the office it will be good to be back out full time proselyting. On Saturday while at the Green Hill Sister's baptism I got a phone call from President Stevenson. He let me know that my assignment is going to be changed to be a Zone Leader. Then later that night the zone I will be going to is my birthplace, good old Takoradi! I am excited to take on this new assignment but nervous at the same time.  One of the things I am nervous about is it is one of the bigger zones in the mission with the total of 24 missionaries. But it will be nice to be near my first area so maybe the chance will come to see some of my old friends :)

Elder Simpson and Johnson

There really is not that many interesting things that happened this past week. On Tuesday we had district meeting and I instructed about being disobedient. To make it interesting I planned a demonstration, each member of the district would come up, take the roll of tape and "bind" Elder Simpson with the tape to the chair. I was showing what happens when we disobey the commandments and missionary rules. Satan wraps chains around us and as we keep disobeying chains keep going around us until the final day and if we did not repent then that is not good (2 Nephi 1:13, Moses 7:26).

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Riding to be with him that day. Elder Jager joined Elder Simpson and Elder Hepworth. Elder Riding is 5 weeks on his mission so I decided it would be good to get his trainer away from him and give the leading the area to Elder Riding to help him learn. Ended up to be a really good day even though a lot of appointments were not happening.

On Friday evening I went to Green Hill to do baptism interviews. Two of them were at the chapel then had to walk to one more after that.  Interviews take so much mental/spiritual energy. The first interview was with a young man that is 17 and he speaks really good english so it went really well. The next 2 had translators and those are really hard because they will not translate the right thing then the answer had nothing to do with what I was asking.

Elder Johnson, Hepworth and Simpson

Saturday we went out to see Mercy and Sylvester.  Sylvester is starting to get sick again which is not good.  Mercy opened a chop bar so that takes a lot of her time away.  In the afternoon we went to the Green Hill chapel to see the baptisms.  Our apartment fixer guy, Brother Laing, was kind enough to give us a ride because we went to the office to help him load things before the baptism.  We received the call from President as well.  Then in the evening we had our transfer party at the office.  Sister Durrant made some really good pasta with rolls.

Sunday we had church which was really nice.  Elder Durrant taught in the 3rd block to Elder 's Quorum/High priest/ Relief society. It was a talk given by President Uchtdorf in the April conference which was marriage based. Any time you get the adults together for church and talk about marriage it is really funny.. they call out the young single adults that are not married yet.  In the evening we held a movie with members and investigators.  We watched "The Testaments" then after that Mercy made us some bonku with tilapia light soup... SO GOOD but so much.  The other 4 Elders can not eat a lot so they washed their hands and had me eat the rest.  Me? Eat a lot? hmm.... :)

All in all a good week. I am excited to take on my new assignment in Takoradi. Will miss the office.. wait not the office... the truck... but its okay I will drive again soon. haha.

Be worthy
Be ready

Elder Johnson

Monday, October 17, 2016


Hello friends and family!

This email is coming in a little later then usual but better late then never right? Anyways the first of two weeks with Elder Hepworth, Elder Simpson, and myself went pretty good. I and Elder Simpson spent extra'ish time training Elder Hepworth on all things supply so he is ready for the load of phone calls from sister missionaries giving us fire for no reason. Though it does happen that is not really what we trained him for (because we can't).

On Tuesday we had the "Mission leadership counsel" report at the stake center for the Yamoransa zone. Due to some problems with chapel keys we got started an hour late so that kind of stunk. The meeting was LONG so President gave permission to the zone leaders to buy food and drinks for the zones. It was the normal.. rice.. chicken.. soda. Each person in the apartment except Elder Hepworth and I got pretty sick from the food at the report. Coming to Tuesday evening we went to get the zone leaders and say goodbye to Elder Simpson for 24 hours while Elder Akudago came to be with Elder Hepworth and myself in the area.

Wednesday was a great day! The sun was really shining that day because I got roasted but partly from the malaria medication the mission has to take. Since it was Elder Hepworth's first day in the area and we were with our zone leader I decided to walk them muhahahaha. Started by walking to the area instead of taking a taxi (little over a mile I think). During the day we did not have many lessons but we did have a fun time with Brother Hanson the not so less active now member. He kept going on and on and on about his history ( I have heard it so many times) and the lesson we planned did not get very far lol. Later in the day we took a taxi to a village past our area because I really felt to go there that day SO I have learned when you feel to do something JUST DO IT. There was great contacting success that afternoon. We set up return appointments that filled our Saturday afternoon. 

Thursday was well... not to bad. It was Elder Simpson's birthday so as tradition has it the apartment members decided to soak him. I being a nice companion said no to getting him wet while in his church clothes. After his shower in the morning Elder Simpson walked out and then came a pot of cold water and a 5 gallon bucket of water.  I then came out and slowly poured my bucket of water on him while singing happy birthday. Guess who got to clean that water mess up - me!  But it was totally worth it!! Sister Durrant also called us to come to the office to have some birthday brownies. Then spent some time with Sister Stevenson while Elder Hepworth had his annual interview with President Stevenson. Later that night we went to visit Sylvester to see how he was doing. He does not seem to be on his death bed anymore which is really great! He was not able to come to church on Sunday because he did not have the strength.

Friday... Office. Drive. Stop. Buy. Load. Drive. Stop. Buy. Load. Drive.

Saturday was also really nice. We started off with chapel cleaning then went to play some soccer with the young men and their friends. I think I am getting better!  Well.. maybe not but still fun to play.  In the afternoon we went back to the village we went to on Wednesday to teach the people we planned for.  Few of them were not around but we met with John. He is 30 years old or so,  has a wife, and a baby girl.  Really a great guy! We taught him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I will never get tired of the light I see come into them as they hear the message.  He said everything we taught made so much sense and he wanted to meet with us again but was traveling until Wednesday. We have another appointment again on Thursday. Then we found out there was another village 25 minute walk past the one we were at so we decided to go and see it. It is a big village!  Sadly it is too far for them to be able to get to church.  It is closer to where the zone leaders chapel is :( Then after we walked back to our normal area and that took over an hour... we were each exhausted.  We slept good that night :P

Sunday was a chill day.  We just went around to meet with everyone as usual.  Sundays are still different then how they used to be growing up.  I am used to just going to church and then going home to sleep and maybe go home teach or some fireside.  Well actually now I am used to doing the opposite of that - church, eat, then go out to proselyte until 9 pm.  Then wait for the sister missionaries and other Elders to be ready with their numbers for the week.  Also after I wrecked Elder Hepworth and Elder Simpson in monopoly.  Oh and Elder Jager made us banana pancakes... so good.

Hope you all have a week of building up your testimonies and conversion!

“Along your pathway of life you will observe that you are not the only traveler. There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save.”

—Thomas S. Monson

Be worthy and Be ready.

-- Elder Johnson

Monday, October 10, 2016


Hello friends and family!

When you hold a goat

Another week has past in the Supply Elders week and what a successful week it was for us. I know I am being transferred so I only have this week and next week juggling around office work and being in the area. Really working my patience for sure! I will miss Sister Durrant's cookies and other treats she brings us but I want to spend the remainder of my mission roughing it in a village. We will see what President Stevenson has in store for me in a couple of weeks.  My replacement Supply Elder has come 2 weeks early lol. We got a call Saturday morning from President Stevenson, I answered it, after the good morning and how are you stuff he said "Well Elder Johnson, I have plans for this next transfer and one of them I have to make happen now." My thought was "Oh snap he is emergency transferring me out of here on Monday."  He continued, "My plan was for Elder Hepworth to come to replace you at the end of the transfer but due to some things we have to move him into a three person companionship with you and Elder Simpson.  Then in 2 weeks you will go to your next assignment." So as of 9:30 am today we have Elder Hepworth with us!  He is from Rigby, Idaho and has been out a year now.  Really sweet guy and despite mine and Elder Simpson's fears, we know everything will be good.  Also, Elder Hepworth was not the trouble missionary.  They moved the trouble missionary in with Elder Hepworth's last companion who was my companion a year ago, Elder Swartbooi.

This last week was just spent on getting Mercy, Sheka, and Sylvester ready for their baptism this past Saturday. On Thursday evening the Zone leaders came to interview Sylvester and Sheka at our chapel. Interview went well for them! Sheka is 8 years old and remembers a lot and is really smart. Even yesterday she corrected her mom on her english while reading hahaha. On Friday evening President Stevenson's counselor, President Nelson, came to interview Mercy at out chapel. Mercy did well so all 3 people were baptized on Saturday.  Sylvester had malaria really bad but felt better to come to the baptism.  Then yesterday for his confirmation he was really sick.

Baptism water is brown...oh Ghana

Mercy, Sylvester and Sheka

All of our focus in now on finding more people and strengthening our relationships with members. We have little time in the area and the time has been spent with those that were baptized to prepare them. Yesterday we planned to visit members only after church and share a message with them which we are not able to do often. From those visits we got 3 referrals :-) Really happy about that. Also, we are working with Sylvesters friend James more now. James wants to be baptized but the only thing keeping him from progressing more is his girlfriend, Mary, stays in the same room as him. We spoke with him about it late last week and from what he said he will start making the prep to marry mary (get a kick out of that, Marry and Mary HA). #Drymissionaryhumor

James - Sylvester's friend

The thought I wanted to share comes from this last conference.. Elder K. Brett Natress.

Finally, one morning, I decided to square up with my mother. I exclaimed, “Mom, why are you doing this to us? Why are you reading the Book of Mormon every morning?” I then made a statement that I am embarrassed to admit to. In fact, I can’t believe I actually said it. I told her, “Mom, I am not listening!”

Her loving response was a defining moment in my life. She said, “Son, I was at a meeting where President Marion G. Romney taught about the blessings of scripture reading. During this meeting, I received a promise that if I would read the Book of Mormon to my children every day, I would not lose them.” She then looked me straight in the eyes and, with absolute determination, said, “And I will not lose you!”

There is power in reading the Book of Mormon each day. And we NEED to read the Book of Mormon everyday!!! When we do we protect ourselves spiritually. I do not know about you but I do not want to go out into the world unprotected ever again. I have found that I was more lost at home then I ever even realized. My conversion to the gospel is 100000 times more then it was a year ago. that came and will continue to come from keeping ALL the commandments, reading scriptures each day, and praying morning and night. Those are the basics that we need to do to start *to hear more about this please join for Elder Johnson's homecoming talk in July 2017. Thats in like 3 years but plan well!

" Be worthy
Be ready"

-- Elder Johnson

Monday, October 3, 2016

Shanannae and Shannon


My mind is completely blank as I am trying to think about things to write about. The thing is so many funny moments and random things happen over the course of my week but I never remember the good stuff when I sit at the computer.  Good thing I am pretty faithful in journal writing. 

One great thing is that I saw 4 sessions of conference live! In my first October being here I saw Saturday Morning and Sunday morning 6 weeks after it happened. In April I only saw Sunday evening live, and now both of Saturday sessions and Sunday's. Still need to finish Priesthood session though.. :/  Elder and Sister Durrant invited us over for Saturday evening and Sunday evening sessions. They provided food.. never have I been so excited about french toast with syrup and then chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Side note: For anyone that will take me out for food when I get home, Chipotle or even Mcdonalds. Any place will look like a 5 star on the inside to me. *Side not ended. I really enjoyed watching conference though!! The sessions did not go long enough for me.  All the messages were great.

Second great thing is we finally got a new mission van. We have been waiting since March or so to get the van and it finally happened. The old one (Shananae) was really basic with a manual trans (got really good with it) then new one is so fancy.  It has full row seating WITH cup holders and a automatic transmission. We have yet to drive it yet because Elder Durrant took the keys until President talks with us about the rules of Shannon (vans name).

Funny thing of this week was at district meeting. The instruction came from everyone but did not go how I thought it would. I sent 1 "Consider this" question from chapter 1 of PMG to each district member. Asked them to prepare to answer that one question for 3-5 minutes. First thing is that 3/4 of the sisters did not prepare like I asked multiple times throughout the previous week. That was funny.. kinda. But the first sister got up and spoke for 15 minutes teaching us about the question. She did well but I just went with the flow and listened.  All in all it was a nice district meeting.

We focused in the area this week on preparing the 3 people (Mercy, daughter Sheka, and Sylvester) for baptism this Saturday. Their interview are set with the Zone leaders and 1 with President Stevenson's counselor. Mercy even came to see conference at the stake center yesterday (it was really full and 100 people stood outside doing nothing, including me, but could watch the sesion later) they accidentally showed Priesthood session instead of the Saturday morning session. But that was ok because Elder Curtis (old Africa West Area pres until 2 months ago) spoke on the Book of Mormon. He shared some conversions with the Book of Mormon talking about some Ghanaians and she really liked that from what she told us.

I am ready for another week!!! Only have 3 weeks left in the office and back out to full time once again :)

Have a great week,

Elder Johnson

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stupor Of Thought

Friends and Family,

I am pleased to announce that I have budgeted my time and now have 40 minutes to write this email instead of 10 minutes. So now there will be better stuff in this email since I can think about the whole week a little more.

Elder Simpson and I planned to have pretty much a full proselyting time in our area for the week because our main office duty (preparing supplies for apartments) was done for the week. We started off with District meeting on Tuesday morning and I led the discussion about what we need to do to help our new investigators up the steps (baptism/confirmation and temple). Originally I planned for something else but on Monday night while making prep for the first discussion I had you can say a "stupor of thought". What came to my mind then was new investigators. As I looked at the numbers of new investigators in the last transfer (110) and the number or progressing investigators / baptisms it got me a little worried. It ended to be a very spiritually edifying district meeting! I learned a lot from the meeting. Elder Simpson and I were in a three- some with Elder Jager because his son was called away to go with the Ap's and other to get their non citizen card. After District meeting we went to "Central Kitchen" got some nice bonku. Sadly, it was pouring down rain in the afternoon so we ended up being in the office for some hours. In the evening we were able to go see Mercy and teach her tithes and offerings.

Wednesday was a FULL day of proselyting and it felt really good at the end of the night. We went to see Brother Hanson who was the less active but now came back to church. it is hard for him to get to church because of his leg not being fully recovered yet and he lives at the top of the hill and you know.. most people do not have a car here. Brother Hanson is starting to make the prep to be able to get back to the temple! After we headed to Francis, our recent convert, had a good talk about missionary work. By the end he told us of a friend of his he has been talking with in a nearby village. YAY FOR REFERRALS!! Also met with a person we talked with the night prior named Samuel. Answered some of his questions about the church. Sadly he traveled so he could not come to church yesterday but we have been in contact with him. Had our coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. Then at 6 had a powerful lesson with Mercy about baptism and confirmation with sister Quartzen ( Relief society pres). Was my first member present lesson where the member and investigator both spoke perfect English. Then ended the night by seeing Sylvester to finish the rest of the Plan of Salvation lesson with him.

Thursday we ended up being in another 3 some with Elder Gasolo. We had to be with him for reasons. Not the best day to add someone for a day because we had weekly planning. Weekly planning is awesome but can be pretty boring sometimes. We also had interview with President Stevenson at 2 o'clock so after our planning we went to a quick lesson with Sylvester. The EQ pres, Brother Agyemang, who serve in this mission in 2010, came with us to the lesson. Again, another lesson with both sides speaking english (2 times in a week... total record). Sylvester opened up with us and told us about when he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true a year or so ago. Really a sweet experience. Sylvester said he knows the church is true but had a hard time coming to church without a friend being there with him. After the lesson headed off to our interviews with President Stevenson. In the evening we saw Mercy again to teach Law of Chastity and then to James to talk with him about baptism. James is on the edge of progressing and not progressing. We are waiting to see if he will make the step of having his GF move out. Once that happens I know he will be great. To close the day, the Assistants called us and invited us to come and eat some pizza (not legit as pizza hut).

Friday we thought to be another day out in the area. But the Assistants called us for help on Friday morning with driving. After that we went to buy some things that the Durrants and President requested for. Also sad moment of the week... 2 times a week I go get letters for missionaries and I never have one *insert weeping.

Saturday we got up early for chapel cleaning (5:30 because it starts at 6am.. count your blessings). After cleaning we went to play soccer with the young men. My skills are getting a little better but not the best hahaha. Sunday was of course church!!! I love going to church. it would be better if I could understand the lessons and talks :P After church we had our P.E.C meeting. Went home for some food then back out!!! In the evening we had a movie playing at the church for the members and investigators. Was a good turn out for something last minute. We watched "17 miracles". I love that movie. Some tears where trying to come out but fought them back :).

“How can you and I really expect to glide naively through life, as if to say, 'Lord, give me experience, but not grief, not sorrow, not pain, not opposition, not betrayal, and certainly not to be forsaken. Keep from me, Lord, all those experiences which made Thee what Thou art! Then, let me come and dwell with Thee and fully share Thy joy!' ”

—Neal A. Maxwell,

- -Elder Johnson

Monday, September 19, 2016

Strong Impression

Hello to all of you

I say this every week but my time is really short to write everything that happened this week. I will share some small things that happened..

Tuesday, went shopping for Sister Stevenson after our zone meeting.

Wednesday, transfer day. Drove people around to the station they need to get to. Had final fufu in the evening with the new/returning missionaries. I loved the testimony meeting especially from Elder Holman and Elder Nsungu. Really powerful testimonies! It is great to have those spiritual times each day :)

Thursday, due to the missionaries that came from Utah later then supposed to Elder Simpson and I were put in charge of taking missionaries (3) to Takoradi. About 90 minutes or so depending on traffic. One thing that happened is 30 minutes into the drive we were all laughing asking questions but I had a strong impression to pull over and say a prayer. So that is exactly what I did. Do not know why that prompting came but it did and I am thankful for it. Elder Simpson drove home, we left Takoradi at 8 at night and drove in the dark to get home. Was really sweet!

Friday, office work. Bleh.

Saturday, Taught some really sweet lessons. Sylvester is doing really well but we pushed his baptism back a week or two to allow him to prepare better. And resolve the concerns he shared with us. Met with Mercy and Sheka! We really missed them throughout the week. We had to call a couple of times to reschedule.

Sunday, really nice day! Elder Riding (new missionary) got to share his testimony during sacrament. And James (Sylvester's friend) came to church!! Really happy that he came. We hope to baptize them at the same time. For lessons we visited our recent convert Francis and watched "Finding faith in Christ" and talked after how he can continue to build his and his families faith in Christ further. 

Sorry for the quick email :( But I am still alive and loving every moment of it!!

Scripture for the week MORONI 10:32

"Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in no wise deny the power of God."

Elder Johnson

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Lord Blesses Those Who Work

Good morning/ afternoon/ or evening to you all.

I have 20 minutes to write this email so I will try to remember some highlights of the week.

On Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting and gave an instruction on working with members in our wards. It has been brought to my attention that some are having difficulties so it was nice to counsel with each other on what we should do to start improving relationships with members.

Wednesday was Missionary leadership counsel and Elder Simpson and I got up to talk about supply things. We added some spice to the instruction by me throwing a bleach bottle across the room to Elder Simpson and he said some sweet line about bleach. I almost hit Elder Simpson in the face when I threw it to him.. I looked over at President Stevenson and he was quietly laughing. But all ended up good!

Thursday we were actually able to go out and teach after weekly planning because we were busy the few days prior. Also was able to do 2 baptismal interviews for the other Elders, one is named Esther (20) and then Gifty (9). I love being able to do interviews. I like to take some time to get to know them the best that I can. Also talk with the Elders before about concerns of theirs before the interview. Then took time that evening to re organize some stuff in the office since we received some new shelves.

Friday.. office day. Nothing exciting.

Saturday we went to play soccer with the young men after chapel cleaning early in the morning. It was pretty sweet, got to improve my soccer skills. We want to make it a weekly thing to motivate the YM to go to chapel cleaning. Plus they were begging for us to talk to bishop to be able to play - 2 birds with one stone! After we went to lunch with the Assistants and Elder Adams and Elder Jager. Found out the transfer news early, I am not leaving. Only change in the district is Elder Jager will be training a missionary and Elder Adams is leaving to be a ZL in Western region. In the evening the surrounding zone leaders came to the mission home and we ate a lot of ice cream and cookies. I felt so gross because that was the most sugar I have had in a long time.

Sunday Elder Garry (AP) got the mission van stuck in a big mud pit before church. So instead of getting to the area to escort investigators to church we had to help get the van out of the mud. Was not able to achieve til after church when Elder Simpson, Durrant (senior couple), and I tied rope to the van and to the truck and drug it out.

Everything is going great in the area!! We have 3 people coming to be baptized soon. With others that will are still working with. Mercy, her daughter Sheka, and Sylvester are mostly for October 1st.

Now off to a meeting!!!

Ether 10:19-29... the lord blesses those who work!!!

Love you all

Elder Johnson

Monday, September 5, 2016

Really Sore!

My people!!!

This will have to be a quick email because I have procrastinated my group email til the last thing I do and I have little time to do it :(

Not many things went on this week due to a big festival.. or party.. that was going on in the main part of Cape Coast from Fri- to Saturday.  President Stevenson did not want Elder Simpson and I to be driving in there Friday to get the mail and supplies so he asked us to do it Thursday. Even on Thursday there were huge speakers playing loud music. So loud the truck could not be locked without the alarm going off. Cape has one lane roads that are to small anyways so with people dancing in the roads and guys being fools it made it hard to get around before the main party began on Friday.

Last night with our investigator Sylvester.. Elder Simpson has fake glasses on
On Wednesday we had a sweet zone conference with President Stevenson. My favorite instruction by President (all are really good) it was on the attributes of astonishment. I forgot my notes with the scriptures on it but basically we named different times in the Book Of Mormon where the land was righteous and an astonishing amount of people and astonishing miracles were happening. President wanted us to find the similar attributes of the leaders and people to find why so many where baptized. Things like humble, repenting, faith, forgiveness, the authority to preach and baptize, and dedicated. He said we have wandered as a mission in the wilderness long enough and it is time to establish Zion.

Giving instruction at conference about using sacred funds

The really good news of the week is that Mercy unexpectedly came back from Accra!!! You may or may not remember but we started teaching her over a month ago and she was so interested but was only visiting Nkanfoa for a small time. We taught her what we could and then she left but came back!!! Mercy and her daughter Sheka came to church yesterday and they both have a baptismal date. We also started teaching a muslim family this past week which is pretty interesting. Their beliefs are different then our of course but they know something is not right where they are. The family minus the mom came to church yesterday (mom told us yesterday night she had cooking to do, which is true).

On my physical health side of things, I am really sore. Elder Simpson has now reached his year mark and is now having me run with him every morning. For the past 3 months he kept saying "when I reach my year mark then I will work out" and it was actually true!! When he returns home he has to be in shape to continue his service as a marine.

Have a great week!!
Elder Johnson

Monday, August 29, 2016

All In All A Good Week

Hello friends and family!

This email is going out later then usual due to technical difficulties in the office so it pushed everyone's emailing time to a later time.

Everything this last week went pretty good! It had its challenges but I am still alive and "what does not kill you makes you stronger". There was many things that kept us busy and on our toes so it made for a week that went by very quick. Due to my exhaustion I will talk small about events from the week.

Mugabe and Benjamin whom are 2 young men in the ward. These 2 help so much. They do not like to smile though.. 

Monday-- P-Day. In the evening Elder Simpson and I had a great family home evening with a family in the ward, the Quartzens. We shared a message about sacrifice and as part of that we watched the video about John Moyle the stone cutter. It was a great message and why we felt to share it I did not know because the Quartzen family sacrifices and serves so much in the church. From comments given I am happy that Elder Simpson and I felt it would be a good message for the day. 

Meshack. He is a wood worker next to the chapel and we usually go over to talk with him.

Tuesday-- Office. District meeting was held 10:30am at poop hill chapel.. sorry I mean Green Hill.. There is so much goat poop on the stairs up to the chapel it confuses me why it is called Green Hill. The instruction was not really an instruction it was more of a learning activity I planned to do and it is a good thing because some people were in a not good mood so having them sit there while I talk would not have been very good. Met with Sylvester (former investigator), Mary, Millicent, and James (Mary's boyfriend).

Selfie with Elder Adams and Elder Simpson brushing their teeth before going to our zone activity today

Wednesday-- Slow day. Met with the people mentioned above again.Had a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon. After teaching them we were fed Ghari soakings.  There was too much.. My stomach was going to explode.

Ghari soakings. Dried cassava, ground nuts, milk (not really), water, and sugar. 

Thursday-- Elder Simpson and Elder Jager went on their Takoradi trip to renew their non citizen cards so Elder Adams and I spent the day together. We mixed meeting with my investigators and his investigators. It made for a busy day. That evening we had PEC then after met with a guy named Delali who is Elder Adams and Elder Jagers progressing investigator, he had a baptism date set in 2 weeks and then Saturday they found he went back to Kumasi for school. He did not tell the missionaries anything haha.

Extent of my photography skills..

Friday-- Office. Another lesson with Sylvester, Millicent, and James. Mary was running away when we came so.. ya.. sad. Millicent was actually reading the chapters in the Book of Mormon we asked for them to read. She MARKED THE SCRIPTURES YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MADE US. Followed by more Ghari soakings...

Saturday-- A day of disappointment. Then we met with Millicent that evening and found she read AGAIN and marked AGAIN so that lifted my mood. We had a good gospel conversation with a man named Francis. He is from the north part of Ghana but is travelling around for school, we gave him a copy of The Book Of Mormon and invited him to church.

Sylvester. Our stubborn investigator who has been taught on and off for over a year

Sunday-- Elder Jager had a really bad stomach infection so we got permission for Elder Simpson and Elder Adams to attend church and  to tend to our investigators. I studied most of the day. Cooked a little. Not much to do on a Sunday at home as a missionary. But found out that FRANCIS CAME TO CHURCH AND IT MADE ME HAPPY BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT USUALLY COME WHEN WE INVITE THEM ON THE STREET!!!! :) :) :)

All in all a good week. I look forward to the coming week to see what is in store for the Nkanfoa Elders :)

-- Elder Johnson

Monday, August 22, 2016

I Think I Have Hit The Best Part Of My Mission

Hello friends and family!!

Most important part of my email-- I am alive and doing great!!! I think I have hit the best part of my mission.

Elder Simpson and I are doing great work together.  I am really happy to have him as a companion. We get along really really well, which is good because I have a 24 week term in the office and will spend 18 of those weeks with him.  We are on the 10th week together.  Everything is rolling well and gets better each week :)

Our focus this week was to find more investigators and improve our hours (we have hourly totals, one of the fake key indicators that we have in the mission). And Elder Simpson and I have done really good on both parts of those goals. A lot of time this week was spent talking to everyone on the street and contacting each potential investigator. To try to be like any other mission we plan this week knocking on some doors on a apartment complex.  But so far we have 3 solid new investigators from our conversations on the street.  If I had a favorite new investigator it would be Sabarah.  He is 22 years old and is really awesome. Most of his family lives in America and we could tell when we walked into a bigger house that was like a house in America. Elder Simpson and I sat in awe most of the time. Oh, and his mom is the mayor of Cape Coast...makes us a little nervous.

Other than finding new investigators we spent time in the truck driving around to buy supplies. We spent so much we ran out of money and had to go back to the office and beg Elder Durrant for more money. I love being a supply elder but it will be nice when I go back to teaching all day.

I really can not think of much more to say, but that's the summary of what happened this week :)

Until next week,

Elder Johnson