Elder and Kids

Elder and Kids

Monday, February 27, 2017

More Handsome and Manly


Another week has come and gone and I am still alive but a little more handsome now with my haircut from today. My hair has gotten really curly lately.

First thing is that we had transfer news on Saturday evening and I am really excited for things to come this transfer. There is some really sweet missionaries coming to Takoradi zone. Elder Maumau, the missionary I trained, is coming to serve in the same ward as me! My hope was to serve around him again before I leave for home. Elder Taleni is going to help me make a "Welcome sign" for Elder Maumau. FATHER AND SON REUNITE!

The best part of the week that I will never forget is Thursday night. We just got finished doing a get to know you type lesson with someone that was referred to us by a member. The member is a young women named Mary. She helps us out a lot and causes me pain by hitting or pinching me. After the lesson still sitting with the man on the road side another guy named Muhammad came up to us. He wanted to ask us questions about the Book of Mormon which was sweet but I knew the direction he wanted to take it. He turned it into a "trying to prove that Mormon was not a prophet and the Book of Mormon is false" discussion. He was asking things like " Did Mormon meet Jesus Christ?, " What were his qualities to be a prophet?", "Why did he write scripture even though other prophets in the bible wrote scriptures, etc etc. We could answer each question that he gave us but he was not listening and was shouting to bring people to come around.. and they did. My companion got angry while talking to him so I cut in as much as possible to keep my companion calmer. Funny thing was that he said things as a Christian but then towards the end changed things to his muslim beliefs. Yes, there are people with big speakers and microphones that sing and preach about Christ and that's what they do for money. What his kind of people do is preach and say the weirdest things and wait for people to come and say something so they can bash with them.

Friday my companion and I went to a area about 45 minutes away to do a baptismal interview for Elder Jones and Nelson in Apowa. Her name was Sandra and the interview went well. As I do more and more interviews I think I am doing better in having it be more of a conversation then questioning people. After the interview we went to Sister Evelyns Nigerian chop bar to have some beans porridge. Nigerian food is so good and its nice to have a Nigerian companion to teach me how to prepare certain foods :)

Yesterday we had our ward conference and I and my companion were part of the ward choir. We both were singing bass (since I am more manly now haha). There were choir members that came to one practice then showed up to perform yesterday and then those that prepared and performed. Due to those that were not serious about it were were all of tune and did not do so well. My analogy out of this is that if we are not prepared for things in life and don't take time to learn then when the test comes, we will choke and be out of tune. But if we prepare and learn very well then when the test comes we will do well and have nothing to be worried about. This life is a time to prepare to meet God. Let us us this time wisely because at the last day " We will not be saved in ignorance."

Have a great week!

Elder Johnson

Monday, February 20, 2017

Strengthening Members and Less Actives


Missionary work here in the good old Takoradi is moving forward. Not as fast forward as other parts of the mission but we are managing. More of our attention is going to strengthening members and finding less actives and that seems to be harder then bringing new people in. This ward is a special ward so I hope when transfer news comes this Saturday I will not be transferred.

On Tuesday we had our "Valentines Day" district meeting! It was nice for 8/10 members of the district. Due to Elder Taleni and I cutting back on certain things we could not partake of the treats we brought. The instruction was sweet! We did a scripture chase and I was the one leading it so I did not get to participate. Then Wednesday morning President was around to do our interviews with each and every member of the Takoradi zone (27 missionaries). Sister Stevenson talked with us about food and safety.. I need to change a few things I do I guess, like bleach my eggs???

Our ward has their conference this Sunday so a choir has been practicing and I and my companion take part in it. Since I am a man now I am singing bass... lets just say I will leave the music stuff to my brother and younger sisters.

Elder Robert and I walk in the sun and use all our energy and then crash in the evening. With that effort it was sweet to have 2 investigators and one person we has a gospel conversation with a couple weeks ago come to church! One of them is a recent converts daughter, Lisa. We have been working with her for 4.5 months now and it is a slow progression but its better then nothing. She seems to be doing really well now a days. After church we went to a members and she made my stomach explode with waakye and noodles ( rice/beans with stew).

Everything is going really well right now and am enjoying every moment here :)

Have a great week!

Elder Johnson

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happiness of the Gospel

Hello friends and family!

Well it is perfect napping weather right now with the cloudy skies, rain, and the cold wind. Too bad I can not nap. My exhaustion level is high at this point in my mission as well as for my companion so if we are sitting doing nothing for a few minutes both of us will have fallen asleep. #missionprobs

It was an eventful week for us but at the same time a really good week. A lot better then the last few weeks have been. On Wednesday Elder Zohner came on exchange with me and Elder Robert to be with Elder Taleni.  Elder Zohner is my best bud on mission hands down so it was nice to be with him for the day. Thursday is what I called our "problem fixing day". Elder Robert and I got a message from a Elder in the zone saying that his companion was really angry at him and the Elder did not know why. His companion was not going out and was not talking to him. With that type of situation Elder Robert and I went quickly to that apartment. And everything is good now. Shortly after returning we met with the Elders that serve in the same ward as us to fix their problem. This one they accidentally offended a old fante woman which is not a good thing at all. So Elder Robert and I went to help the situation. Then Friday we spent the day at various medical clinics for a sister missionary in the zone. During the time we were sitting and waiting was prime power nap situations that I took.

Our area was slow moving but now is picking up again which I am very happy about. Walking around the area with no people to teach is discouraging but I am happy to know that their are people in our area that are being prepared in their various ways to hear the message of the restored gospel. Just have to be prayerful and follow the spirit and you will find them. There was some time that I was thinking about things that helped me at the beginning of my mission to help me keep pushing forward... one of those things is the church hymns. Never did I take time before to actually read and understand what is being sung about until my mission. The second was a scripture that is in Mosiah 28:3 that is speaking about the sons of Mosiah wanting to go and preach the gospel to the Lamanites.

"Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble."

It is in my thoughts often and what pushes me to do more as a missionary. I do not let people pass me by or drop investigators because I know the happiness that the gospel will bring and I know what is to come.

Happy Valentines day to you all! Or as I put it in our zone meeting last week "Zone leader appreciation day"

-- Elder Johnson

Monday, February 6, 2017

5 Things That Are All Encompassed

Hello Friends in Family!

This week went by pretty fast so I will try to remember some of the good stuff that happened. Last week Monday we were able to attend a Family home evening with the McCarthy family and Elder Zohner/ Taleni. The family is in the Chapel Hill ward (I am in Takoradi ward) but she involves the whole apartment in activities. My favorite part is her food... she feeds us for lunch each Sunday and the food is so good. The normal Ghana food is just not good to me because I eat it over and over and over again.

Tuesday we gathered as Takoradi zone to watch the broadcast for missionaries from Salt Lake. Sadly we could not watch it live so it was put on a disc for us to watch it as a zone. It was a hustle to get things together plus when we got to the chapel the electricity was off (Will not miss that). Then had to get the projector and laptop set up for the whole thing. The broadcast was sweet... I plan to watch it again this week. Elder Bednar shared some awesome thoughts... The gospel of Jesus Christ is not 5 individual things but 5 things that are all encompassed. Later we were able to have our coordination meeting with our Ward mission leader. Right now we are struggling with the Bishopric since they have no interest in helping us with any work. With no help from leaders means little to no help from the members which leaves the missionaries walking in the sun all day finding people by their own means.

Wednesday we headed to Cape Coast for MLC report.

There are few that we have been working with. Figured last night we should change the way we are doing things to see if a difference will be made. The one I will share is Elizabeth.  She was referred to us by a member so we have been going to see her. The discussions always go really good and we even have given her a baptismal date. Problem is she will not come to church from what we found to be the influences from her Mother. Church is a really big thing here, that is why they have a different church on every corner and every guy and their dog is a "prophet", "Pastor", "Apostle", or a "Reverend". Once someone understands the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are good to go. Teaching for understanding is different with each person so each person we have to find how much we explain, how long, and what style.

I officially have a recent convert that is moving to being in- active. Esther was baptized on Christmas eve and was coming to church for a couple months before we started to teach and baptize. She has stopped coming because our Bishop would not help with school fees (Love was not there at all) and Esther left crying. She wants to go back to school so bad that now because we will not provide she is finding someone that will. Her grandma (who she stays with) is of no help either. Esther is dodging us now.
Everything else is going really good :)

Love you all,

Elder Johnson