Elder and Kids

Elder and Kids

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pics o' the week

Elder Johnson and his MTC companion - Elder Sakala
Elder and Sister Vinson spoke about doctrine, principles and application at an area devotional
Future missionaries from the Ivory Coast visited the Ghana MTC

Relaxation post basketball and soccer

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tired...yep that is the MTC!

Hello all!

It has been a long 5 days here at the MTC.  It is hard!!!!!  We are up at 6:30 am, breakfast at 7:00 am, and start classes at 8:00 am.  Classes don't end until 9:00 pm.  So there is a lot of learning and it is very tiring. I've never looked so forward to gong to bed at night as I do here.  All the missionaries talk about here is how we can't wait to get into the field, which for us is this Tuesday.  It seems forever away! 

Fun fact: We are the biggest group of Americans to enter the Ghana MTC.  There is a total of 19 of us, which isn't very big.  The group that comes in next month - 48!  Also, the drivers here are nuts. For those that ever drove with me when I got my road rage or just wanted to have fun,  that is nothing compared to drivers here.  If I ever get asked to drive,  I will say that I would rather walk.  There is no right of way or speed limits.  And be grateful for the paved roads back in America.  There are some here that I have been on today (the only day we have or will leave until we are done training on Tuesday) but they have potholes everywhere and the dirt roads are very bumpy. 

I don't know if this is bad to say, but I'm not really homesick.  I do miss my family and friends, but compared to some of the Elders here,  I am A OK.  Most that want to go home at this point are the ones who have girls waiting for them back home.  I'm familiar with the missing girlfriend mood since I was at that stage a couple weeks ago.  So, I relate to them and give them a boost of motivation.  It isn't really that hot here... yet.  It is really humid and I'm usually sweating. The district I'm in has 8 elders (males) and 2 sister missionaries that are from Africa.  When we turn the AC unit on in our classroom they complain so we usually have to turn it off to make them happy.  The 2 jokes we have in the MTC... we are now American-Africans and when we have to use the bathroom (which is a lot due to what we get fed) we call it the office.  As you can tell,  Elders are easily entertained.  Last Sunday we got to watch the documentary on Joseph Smith that I've seen a lot, but we were all laughing at the dumbest things in it since we won't be seeing any other movies anytime soon. 

 My time is cut short, soooooooooo THE CHURCH IS TRUE, BOOK IS BLUE, SEE YOU IN 2!

 Elder Johnson

Accra Ghana Temple Visit

Sunday, July 26, 2015

How are missionaries taught about the Sabbath at the Ghana MTC?

How are missionaries taught about the Sabbath at the Ghana MTC

First Sunday in the MTC

Sunday is a full day at the Ghana MTC

Ghana Missionary Training Center

The First Letter Home

Good early morning to you all!

I arrived in Ghana early this morning, 8 am here and 2 am for you lame American folk :P
I left Denver on afternoon and flew to Salt lake. From there I was supposed to go to Amsterdam, but missed my flight to Amsterdam because we still had not landed. So as soon as I got off the plane, got my stuff rescheduled. Went and stayed with my aunt and uncle for the night and went back to the airport at 5:30 am to catch a flight to New York. It was long and I was squished -_- Once I landed I went to the shuttle to go to the assigned gate for my flight to Ghana. We boarded at 4 but did not leave until 6.

Luckily for the flight I had the exit row which gave me a lot of leg room, and I was an aisle seat. Only bad thing, I was right next to the bathroom. I fell asleep after taking Nyquil for the last few hours of the flight. Once we landed I had to go through immigration which went smoothly. Then waited 20 years for my dumb bag. As I was warned, all the workers wanted to help with my stuff so they can get a tip. Once outside, I found the MTC guy that was picking me up. Lets just say, if you know my crazy driving, multiply that by 10 for the drivers here.

Anyways, it is really humid. But it isn't affecting me much. Only 11 days to get through in the MTC, then off on the 4 hour drive to Cape coast.  I miss you all and America, but I know I'm out here for a purpose, and that I will learn and grow tons!

Until next week,
Elder Johnson

I <3 you peeps in 'Merica!

Ghana MTC
American's jet-lag jump!

The Departure at DIA

Saying goodbye to the car he calls "Carol"

The walk

Mom and the escalator selfie

Recreating the picture when Chase left

Chandler and his Young Mens President - Todd Gagon

Evan and Chandler

Chandler and Tami

Abbey and Chandler

Amelia and Chandler

Chandler and Small Buddy Camron

The partial family picture - we miss you Chase!

The goodbye

I <3 you peeps

Ok stop stalking me - I'm long Ghana already!

Me and my trusty pillow!