Elder and Kids

Elder and Kids

Monday, October 26, 2015

Prayers Are Powerful

So quick reminder... I have already hit my 3 month mark (yyeess).  You may notice there are no pictures of me this week.  That is due to the fact I was so excited to have been out 3 months that I pulled a Brittany Spears and went to get my haircut, and did it really short.  Just kidding, it was too hot so I went really short.

Anyways, this week was harder than my other weeks being on my mission.  Elder Chinedu and I have been focusing a lot more on finding new investigators, which means talking to random people on the street.  Not something that I would have voted to do, but it gets me out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing.  So far we have 6 new investigators. We tried to meet with the one Friday, but we only met with 2 on Saturday.

One new person's name is Frank. We met him while he was sitting by his house feeding pigeons on Wednesday and we taught him on Saturday.  First lesson of the day.  When we walked in, there was a ton of kids.  So, at the lesson there were 10 people.  It was not a very spiritual lesson due to them all talking and not listening.  We are hopefully going to meet with Frank sometime this week by himself.
The biggest thing we struggle with is getting investigators to church.  And what we can do to help them we do not know yet.  During this week I have really been praying to know what we can do to strengthen the area and bring the spirit to the lessons.  While watching "The District" yesterday it clicked.  We need to outline the entire lesson.  In the past it would be.., "Okay we are teaching lesson 1".. that is all we say and go no further.  As I have been out here for a good amount of time now,  I am noticing all the things I can improve on.  Planning being one of them.
This week I decided to workout in the evenings after getting home (8 pm or so) to distract me from thinking about home.  After I shower and study Twi.  As I have said prayers before studying I noticed a big difference from when I did not.  Prayers are so powerful and that is something I wish everyone could realize. 

Only picture this week... I sent a text to Elder Zohner and Bay ( came out with me) and told them we were at our 3 month mark. This was there reply:

Side note: I wore my cargo shorts and a t- shirt to our zone activity today. My legs are fried since they have not seen sun in forever. My tan lines are pretty sweet.

Have a great week,

Elder Johnson

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Maa bray :/

This past week has been exhausting and I really should just take a long nap. There is to much work to do though!

As mentioned last week, my companion, trainer, father, Elder Hanson has left me.  It really didn't hit me that he was leaving until, well, I got my new companion.  Elder Hanson was a boss and I really miss that guy. But there is still time for us to be in the same apartment, district, or zone since he goes home 4 months before me.  He was a great trainer and the major thing I learned from him was teaching by example.  Never told me what to do, but he did the right thing and he hoped I followed that example, which I did.

The Monkey

On Tuesday we went around to different families for him to say good bye.  Then that night the Bishop and the ward council had us come to the chapel for the good byes to Elder Hanson and Elder Bleh, who is going home.  That night we were up super late.  Elder Hanson had a lot of things to do, which kept me awake.  On Wednesday, we went to the station to meet the others that were going. Elder Hanson and I arrived on time like the zone leaders asked.  We were the only companionship there, everyone else came between 9-10:30  -_-   Then the bus left to Cape Coast at 12. 

My new companion is Elder Chinedu from Nigeria.  He is a cool guy and we get a long okay.  I enjoy teaching with him because he really teaches by the spirit and not his own pure knowledge.  And I am officially the only white guy in the apartment.  It is really weird.  When I came, there was 3 of us now I am the only survivor :)  On Friday morning, I had a really hard time - there is a lot going on in the area and it is all left on my shoulders, it feels like, to get it done.  Also, the change is hard to get used to.  After I called Elder Hanson and talked to him, I felt better.

My apartment crew. New companion Elder Chinedu (back left).

Elder Chinedu and I are teaching the investigators we already have and are also focusing on finding new ones so we are busy everyday, which I like, but it is hard work.  The best part of the week was yesterday!  I will explain why in a second, but it includes an older guy we came across and started to talk to him.  His name is Thomas Lawson,  I remember Elder Hanson and I talked with him before, but did not contact him again.  This guy is awesome.  He lives in a really small room by himself.  He said he is all alone, no friends, and no family close, but he really loves God and was happy that we came to meet with him.  He came to church yesterday and a member came up and started talking to him with us.  The member, Brother Duncan (I think), went to school with Thomas many, many years ago.  Thomas is 74 and they have not seen each other in 50 years.  As more members came in for church, he met 2 others that he went to school with.  Thomas was in tears and thanked us over and over again.  Although it was not us, it is The Man Upstairs. :)

We had to wait around after church until 2 for a baptism for the other Elders.  It was a 3 hour wait since we have church at 8 am.  I fell asleep on the chairs in a room while others talked to each other.

Elder Bay (came out on the mission the same time as me) trying to be cool

This week will be long and tough but that is how the mission is :)

Elder Johnson

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Transfer Day - October 12, 2015

 Elder Hanson (my Trainer) handing me my "diploma."  I will miss that guy.

Elder Holmgren - love this guy. We were not in the same zone, but he emailed at the same place. He is in the group going home today and will be attending Utah state

 Elder Thipe is also going home. He was my first zone leader.

Elder Johnson, Elder Hanson and Johnson - Elder Hanson is not smiling.  For what reason I don't know. Maybe he is sad to be leaving his first area! LOL

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Short Letter, But Alive And Well

What to write, what to write.......

This week was full of the same ol same ol.  A lot more walking around than compared to the past weeks, but that is OK, it keeps me skinny ;)

Nothing really interesting happened that I can remember at least... I am thinking about throwing my alarm clock out the window because Muslims pray and use a microphone with speakers to do it at 4 am. There really are no sound laws here.  You can play music as loud as you want... sadly.

Elders Johnson and Hanson's desks/study area

Most of the days were just filled with walking around. Appointments would fall through, so we would have a couple hours until our next appointment.  We visit less actives and other investigators and have a small lessons with them if it is possible. We have a few great investigators right now.  The only issue is getting them to church. One is a guy named Albert, 48 years old, stopped us on the street and asked us to teach him because he wants to join the church. He has a drinking problem, so we have addressed that. Second, James, 50 or so, tv repairman, notices all these things with other churches that he knows is not right.  He is progressing fast and loves all that we are teaching, but getting them to church is hard.

Elders Johnson and Hanson
I am really sad that we do not get to see General Conference.  Elder Hanson and I really wanted to know who the new apostles are.  Only 4 weeks until we get the re-broadcast in church. -__-  Also, Saturday is transfer news once again, Elder Hanson can get transferred, but I hope he doesn't. I am not in the clear either, but the chances of me leaving now is about 2%, which I am okay with.

Sorry for the short letter,  My time is short today, but I am still alive and doing well.

Have a good week!
Elder Johnson