Elder and Kids

Elder and Kids

Monday, June 12, 2017

And So It Ends

Well, here I am emailing in Ghana for the last time. I think Ghana is sad I am leaving because the weather has been nothing but cloudy and raining with some sun all week. Even right now it is dumping buckets outside.

Thank you too everyone for the last 2 years, reading my emails, writing me, and prayers in my behalf. I am excited to reconnect with everyone upon my return this Friday. This last week in zone conference President Stevenson talked about " Last Sermons". He told us if he has it his way he would not even mention going home but its the Presidents responsibility to prepare the missionaries for a new mission president. Pres Stevenson started with a video of Bruce R. McConkie's final testimony in general conference of April 1985. We went over other examples of final sermons like Paul in the new testament, King Benjamin, Moroni etc. And for all of them talked about the elements in each of them. So I will use this email for my almost final sermon (I count my talk in sacrament meeting a couple weeks tho I will be released already)

It has been quite a journey the last 2 years. Been filled with every emotion that you can think of because missions are just really big scary roller coasters but at the end we are pumped and ready to do it again. Though hard at times I will forever be grateful for this missionary experience. Through it all it has left me with a strong testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. A deeper conversion and a love for my Savior Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ lives and made the greatest and last sacrifice for the sins of us all. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ knows me personally and loves me. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that we are in the true church of Jesus Christ. I know that we are being lead today by prophets and apostles that have been called by God. And I know that Jesus Christ has left a path for us to follow and if we follow Him we can live with God again.

I am nervous to come home... but really happy. This country is great and all but God bless America! #Merica

-- Elder Johnson

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  1. Just came across this blog. Quite awesome!!! I have spent almost an hour perusing through your 2-year road trip of missionary work. I have greatly felt the spirit and you sure got me missing home. Great work Johnny. really great work!!

    -Elder Akuoko (currently serving in the Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission)