Elder and Kids

Elder and Kids

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Reason Missionaries Are So Happy....

Hello friends and family!

Another week has gone by and my how it has flown. We had a pretty good week!

Tuesday was the day we walked A LOT! There are investigators and some less actives in the villages around ABK so he villages are where we headed. We were able to meet with Brother George and his family in "Mpredu". They are a less active family and my how I hope they can get back to church. The blessings are right there waiting for them!!! After that village we walked another hour to "Asemase" to see a member family, the Anzies. Brother Anzie has not been able to come to church due to a leg issue.

Thursday was sweet because we got to go farming for a member in Elder Harward and Elder Tupola area, Asebu. We farmed for the famous Auntie Alice as a district and it was... funny. She is old and kinda of out of it, we love her though. Famous quote of the day is " I want you to go get the wood from the sticks" -- Auntie Alice. Her food has gotten whole districts of missionaries sick so we are grateful there are bushes around. Elder Tupola still got a little stomach problem.

Friday was our zone conference! It was legendary because the Zone leaders organized to get a good discount on little individual pizzas. It was nice to have a change from the usual rice and chicken. The Zone conference was about "Member/ Less active/ Recent convert visits" and President Stevenson instructed on "Working with Stake and Ward Leaders". President can instruct on how to grow our grass and I would still be interested in what he is saying. Very good teacher and I always leave a conference with him feeling great.

Yamoransa Zone Conference - the Guy in The Purple Tie

Special treat for the zone meeting

Who is that guy in the purple tie totally focused on his pizza??

Sunday our branch was made to be a ward! It is very exciting news for the members around. Sad though the Bishop was called and no counselors called yet. It will help the members and the ward council to step up their game. Plus instead of the whole meeting not being in English, half of it was this time!

"The reason the missionaries are so happy is because they have lost themselves in the work and focus on others and not themselves"

-- Elder Johnson

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